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CXOCARD application is Launched on Apple Store !

After 2 years of research and development in Augmented Reality, today on the 1th of june 2018. we were finally able to publish the “CXOCARD application” on Apple Store. The current version of “CXOCARD” on App Store is version 2.5 .

Click Here to Download

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You can download and test the “CXOCARD” by using a 100 USD bill.  GREAT NEWS, our appplicaton is FREE!  All you have to do is scan a 100 USD with the “CXOCARD” application. (This includes a picture of a 100 USD) If you want to test the APP with your business card please register through our web site and start  living the CXOCARD experience with your own business card and your own video content.

Promotion Video

Demo Video

iPhone Flight Test

Screen Shoot For Business Card



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