Augmented Reality Application examples

In this article, we want to share examples of Augmented Reality Application that we developed in the past  with our new media service VR TURU and give you ideas about the possible applications of augmented reality in real world.
This Augmented Reality Application focuses on construction and architecture. It’s a new way of visual experience that you get an idea about even when there is no solid structure. The construction company could promote their project without any need to build physical models . By publishing you could reach your audience easily, with low costs. Augmented Reality Application is also a good tool for architects. It’s a new way of demonstrating your project.  Distribution potential also increases the attraction of the technology by industrial experts on that field. As an architect you could carry your project portfolio on your mobile and by sending the augmented reality application link you could share your portfolio with your clients.

As you know in CXOCARD we are focused on Augmented Reality business cards. Let us watch CXOCARD demo video.

CXOCARD service is a special design Augmented Reality Application platform.

Augmented Reality Applications can be used through various media

Videos are the content and the media that you project your videos are targets. Keeping that in mind, targets don’t have be business cards only. Targets could be ;
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Flyers
  • Billboards
  • News Papers
  • Magazines
  • Books
as well as business cards. CXOCARD is decreases the building costs and create content as a video which is much easier to design 3D models. CXOCARD is resizes the video content according to your target. If you wish to, you could register to test CXOCARD by sending an e-mail,  it’s free to test or you could test without registering as mentioned in the home page.
Let us check other case studies that we developed in the past. Bellow video is for Augmented Reality Application of 3D mapping. The model is generated by Photometry techniques taken by drone photography. We integrated the 3D model of the area in an augmented reality application. With this kind of application you could carry huge amount of area maps in your mobile phone. Our R&D team currently working on that project.
Actually, the Augmented Reality Application “range” limited with your imagination. In this article we are trying to expand your perspective to this new media technology.
Let’s have look 3D object. In this video we used food packaging.
The bellow video is an example of FMCG Catalogue
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