Business Card Augmented Reality During your meetings, participation in various events; you naturally hand in your business card (how to create your  augmented reality business card with cxocard  ? ) . However, one thing you should keep in mind is; you are handing in more than a card. It is a chance to tell the story[…]

The Gxd Complex ( AR T-Shirt )  Those who get it get, Those who don’t won’t     Autonomous Fashion! Your shirt,your story by INM GXDS     “Mvmnt is life ?” INM GXDS is a unique t-shirt brand that combines you, your story with your clothing. It is a smart brand. Moreover, trendy, interesting,[…]

AR has been known by the masses through the gaming technology. However, It goes far beyond gaming and entertainment. AR has breathtaking prospects in many industries, from education to healthcare to engineering. Now AR is used in advertising. It is going to change the way the digital advertising. AR makes advertising interactive, allowing marketers and[…]