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An innovation company – Who we are..

We are a group of programmers with an innovative mind set which is more then enough to make up an innovation company. The core team consists of Engineers not only computer but different disciplines. Currently, our a few applications are commercially on the market. And now we working on new media such as (VR,AR,Aerial ) and  Data Mining since 2015.  As a result of our other initiatives gathered with experience, we have created the CXOCARD to respond to the growing needs of technology in business.

We have developed CXOCARD with this XP( and +10 years engineering XP) . We continue to progress, as a service provider and we systematically try to achieve the best in every aspect. We tried to make sure, CXOCARD is simple, easy to use, very effective and fun to use.

An innovation company - K-inovasyon

Our company is based in Turkey. The host company is  K-inovasyon.Our services actively work on VR TURU and EPA . We have to say, we are a country start-up company, that was listed and chosen as a successful start-up in many occasions, competitions, shows and presentations. Our HQ is in Corum / Turkey. Our R&D office is in the METU Technopolis Ankara adjacent to ODTU/METU university which is one of the most active and very well known university technology centers. It currently, hosts many well known companies. Udemy offering online courses and many other programming companies have also started in the same establishment.

CXOCARD programmers - An innvovation company

You will see the details of what CXOCARD is and how the application works in the following articles. Also more about how a start-up to an innovation company finds its place in the market and improves. However, if you need any further information about us please feel free to contact with us !



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