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What kind of Business Card would you like to have?

You deserve the best business card. Let’s see what are your choices? Glossy, Matte, Embossed, Hand cut, Colored, Flip cards and even Hand Painted, so how different can you get to stand out?

You can choose the card quality, shape of the card, design, color and even use a graphic designer and get very creative. Does that give you the best business card ? Unfortunately, no.

How about edible cards? Or useful cards, that can be made into small tools? Are they not more expensive and consumable? You have to have them re-printed and re-made again and again.

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What is the best business card?

Do you want to get more interactive with lower cost? Augmented reality cards can be your solution. It can not get more interactive then this, until Hologram cards are finally realized. But that doesn’t seem to be coming soon in a sense we all can portably use holographic items, videos.

However, currently the best business cards that are readily available at a reasonable cost is the Augmented Reality Cards. The AR business cards may serve as a mini portfolio showcase, it could be your resume, product or project presentation, art display, a section of a speech, projects accomplished, staff introduction, a fancy animation and making of an object, etc..  Therefore, your imagination is the limit.

You provide the video content and CXOCARD simply loads it for you. Then you can view the loaded video content on your business card. It is very simple, it is very easy to use and attractive. It will definitely leave a great impression at your client, project partners and providers etc.

Could there be any other business card, that could represent you better? Needless to say, the Augmented Reality cards are currently the best of the best, it uses the most recent technology available.

The best business card is AR card
AR card example





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